First anniversary party at The Parched Pig on Jan. 11 in PB Gardens

Any time a bar or restaurant makes it through its first year, there is cause for celebration. So a celebration it will be Jan. 11 at The Parched Pig in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

The popular North County watering hole, known for its deep menu of craft beers and small plates, will mark its first anniversary with drink and menu specials, featuring some of The Parched Pig’s best, including Oysters, BBQ Beef Sliders (my favorite) and Chicken Meatballs.

Josh Miles and the Sweet Somethings will take the stage to perform their own brand of live soul music favorites from 6-10 p.m.

“The true key to the success of The Parched Pig is due to the support we have received from the community and our friends and family and vendors,’’ said Parched Pig owner Tim Lipman. “Everybody has played a role in making sure that we were supported.

“Something like that is kind of hard to measure, but every time I turn around I seem to be talking to someone who is giving support and at times lending a hand. It has been a tremendous ride.’’

And a bit of s different ride for Lipman, who spent the 22 years before The Parched Pig working the kitchens in various restaurant, including Coolinary Cafe, which he and wife Jenny opened in 2012. Coolinary Café is only 300 steps from The Parched Pig in Donald Ross Village.


“I had always been a cooking chef,’’ Lipman said. “Even in my management role at Coolinary I was putting in my 50 hours on the hot line – actually cooking at station for service. I don’t know if it was shocking, but I definitely needed an adjustment on my end as to how to operate.

“Probably the biggest change for me was having to step back and not do as much. But I have tremendous trust in my sous chefs and line cooks.  Our entire management team is filled with talent and drive.  Without our team, something like (The Parched Pig) would never have been possible.’’


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