Miami Art Basel getting a dose of Vegas reality

Even Vegas like Miami’s Art Basel Week. Pioneers in the travel and tourism industry, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority  will unveil a groundbreaking destination marketing program, Vegas: Alter Your Reality (VAYR),  during Miami Art Week, Dec. 7-9.


VAYR is a creative interpretation of the Las Vegas experience, direct from the minds of five distinguished, international artists. Transformed into vibrant and immersive content pieces, their personal narratives are given the ultimate presentation as a virtual reality art collection.

“We are committed to constantly exploring new and innovative avenues through which we can reach potential visitors,” said Cathy Tull, senior vice president of marketing at the LVCVA. “By uniting art and virtual technology to reflect the vibrancy of the destination, Vegas: Alter Your Reality will inspire travelers to create their own Las Vegas journey.”

What began as five independent journeys through the sights and sounds of Las Vegas, evolved into a collection of individualized, emotional narratives. Each artistic interpretation, with raw creative provided by the artists themselves, was later brought to life via virtual reality technology to create the various two to three-minute content pieces. The final videos are unique to each artist’s personal style and successfully showcase the feelings, thoughts and desires that Las Vegas evoked within them.

Open to the public, art enthusiasts are invited to adorn VR headsets and observe the exclusive arttwork during Las Vegas’ three-day, multi-sensory event, powered by Samsung Gear VR and taking place at Zadok Art Gallery, Dec. 7-9.

Following the Miami event, the exciting content will be shared on the Vegas VR app, which is free and available for download on iOS and Android platforms. In addition, the brand plans to announce the campaign’s future event presence in early 2018.


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