The Confidante Miami Beach launching rotating exhibits from local artists

The Confidante Miami Beach is launching a rotating solo art exhibit from local artists, beginning Nov. 30 at 7 pm.


The Confidante’s pop-up art gallery will feature a collection of Miami-based artists, including contemporary muralist Ivan Roque; international fashion photographer Claude Charlier; modern media, contemporary photographic artist Sam Dobrow; and Cuban painter Nestor Arena.

The installations will be inspired by Miami, as well as the artists’ life experiences. Once Roque’s Art Basel installation concludes in January, the rotating art showcase, which is complimentary to resort guests and visitors, will live on the south side of the hotel’s lobby.

Here’s a full schedule and description of the hotel’s new art exhibit program:

Ivan Roque – Visions from Across the Way – November 30, 2017 to January 31, 2018 Raised in Miami’s Carol City, Ivan Roque is a visual artist with a passion for the concepts of birth, death, renewal and social struggles. His influences ranges from both old masters to the geniuses of today, such as Marcel DuChamp, Caravaggio, Mark Rothko and Shepard Fairey.

Ivan Roque

In addition to Miami, Roque has showcased his work in other major cities, including New York City, Dubai, and Seoul. At The Confidante, his collection “Visions from Across the Way” is a poetic journey through the eyes of a native Miamian and the world that surrounds him. These works will give the viewer an abstracted perspective on the use of traditional Miami iconography along with the addition of some of South Florida’s less prevalent flora and fauna. A highlight of the installation, Roque will project a video on the front of the hotel entrance. Various places and animals around Miami will be depicted through various distortions of colors and pattern to create a rich and welcoming experience. • Artist Meet-and-Greet – Thursday, November 30, 2017 from 7-9 p.m. – Bird & Bone Bar

Claude Charlier – Pop World Project – February 1 to March 31, 2018 Artist Claude Charlier grew up in France reading American comics and watching old Westerns, falling for Americana culture along the way. While he studied music and fine art for much of his life, it wasn’t until he moved to Tokyo as a fashion photographer that he fell in love with funky animation and maybe even more so the different types of soda can designs that were sold around the city in vending machines.

Claude Charlier

It was the cross section of these passions that inspired his Pop World Project. He became fascinated with discarded objects and giving them another life – recycling not only their form, but also their imperfect beauty and the moments they were a part of someone’s life. At The Confidante, Charlier will be showcasing some of his hyper-realistic paintings of vintage and discarded objects, including cigarette packs, vintage lunch boxes and crushed soda cans.

Artist Meet-and-Greet – Thursday, February 1, 2018 from 7-9 p.m. – Bird & Bone Bar

Sam Dobrow – The Surreality Collection – April 1 to May 31, 2018 Sam Dobrow is a contemporary photographic artist who lives and works in the artist village of Coconut Grove, Florida. Testing the boundaries of photography, all his artwork begins in the camera and evolves into images with intensely beautiful constructs amplified by his emotions and perceptions of the world and its inhabitants.

Sam Dobrow photography

Dobrow captures beauty by presenting subjects shaped by light, framed by strong graphical elements and emotionally supercharged by the thoughtful choice of color. Dobrow’s artwork is represented and exhibited nationally and internationally by the New York International Contemporary Art Society and the Saphira and Ventura Gallery in Midtown New York City. At The Confidante, Dobrow will showcase The Surreality Collection of photographs inspired by the surreal style of Salvador Dali’s melting landscapes. All images in the Surreality Collection begin with photographs which are then digitally manipulated to create the fantasy and inspiration. This collection is meant to inspire the thought that we are so small in this huge universe and there very likely is life out there in the starry sky.

Artist Meet-and-Greet – Thursday, April 5, 2018 from 7-9 p.m. – Bird & Bone Bar

Nestor Arenas – Transformers Landscapes – May 31 to July 31, 2018 Cuban artist Nestor Arenas is a painter and photographer who likes to show viewers what they’d rather not see. His work approaches the very icons of modern culture from the so called socialist and capitalist societies. The appropriation or cannibalization of historical languages is the fundamental premise using irony and parody as tools.

Nestor Arenas art

Outside of Miami, his work has been displayed in Havana, Barcelona, Bilbao, Buenos Aires and New York among other international art destinations. Arenas’ installation at The Confidante will include an imaginary reflection on the possible futures of Cuba and Cuban culture. Depicting a process of transition, the art will offer a look into the failure of the communist utopia of the Revolution and the new socio-culture scenario opened by the relations between Cuban and the United States. Arenas presents a different perspective on the past – accepting on the one hand the irrevocable fact of what it was – the two walled city-states (Havana and Miami), Cuba and the United States and the end of the Cold War. At the same time, this art imagines alternate scenarios to discover unedited possibilities.

Artist Meet-and-Greet – Thursday, May 31, 2018 from 7-9 p.m. – Bird & Bone Bar


The Confidante, which is part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, is located  in Miami’s mid-beach neighborhood that combines the vibrant glamour of Miami’s past with the sophistication and amenities of modern day. The mid-century modern hotel features 363 guestrooms and 16 suites with a 1950s-inspired design that reflects Miami Beach’s Golden Era, showcasing the creative talents of revered British interior designer Martin Brudnizki, and Miami’s famed landscape architect Raymond Jungles.

Dale Talde

The Confidante also features a pair of outstanding chef-driven restaurants – the Southern-inspired Bird & Bone, led by renowned Miami Chef Richard Hales, and TALDE Miami Beach, a casual Asian-American restaurant and bar from ‘Top Chef’ alum, Chef Dale Talde.





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