Thanksgiving dinner with a Canadian twist at Chez l’Epicier in Palm Beach

Beginning to look for a great place to celebrate Thanksgiving? It doesn’t get any better than Chez L’Epicier on Palm Beach, where Laurent Godbout and his wife, Veronique are consummate hosts.

Chef Laurent Godbout

This year’s Thanksgiving menu starts with pan-seared foie gras, compressed squash, house-made thyme marshmallow, bacon flavored bread crumble, red wine and spiced syrup.  Sides with a Canadian twist include chestnut velouté, wild rice and raisin; and, Haricot Vert salad, truffle oil, sea salt, brown butter roasted almond, crispy egg.


Chef Laurent shares his mother’s recipe (from their Canadian Thanksgiving) Soufflé with apple pie stuffing. Plus, the Chez L’Epicier signature Parmesan Wheel flambé will feature confit duck risotto, diced butternut squash, and mushrooms.

At $79 for two people, a Turkey Day treat that’s hard to pass up.

The highly acclaimed flagship Chez l’Epicier in Montreal was established in 2000.  Chef Laurent and  Veronique Deneault introduced their inventive, farm-to-table style, French Canadian cuisine to the states and opened his Palm Beach location in July 2015.

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