It’s a (Pumpkin) Wrap at SiSpa at Marriott Resort Palm Beach Singer Island

Talk about your Great Pumpkin. The SiSpa at Marriott Resort Palm Beach Singer Island is a series of pumpkin-inspired treatments for the Fall season, including the Muddy Pumpkin Body Wrap – full body scrub exfoliation that features pumpkin mud. Pumpkin mud, for the uninitiated, is a kind of pumpkin puree’.

“It gives us a chance to treat people to this time of year when everything smells like pumpkin,’’ said Spa Supervisor Melissa Hernandez. “It also has a lot of benefits to your skin. It shrinks the pours and pulls out impurities. We do wrap you in plastic so you can sweat out the toxins. It’s like renewing your entire body.

“Once you’re wrapped we also give you a foot massage. It’s really relaxing. It’s one of the best treatments we have and something different than what many people have had before.’’

SiSpa also has a Pumpkin Manicure-Pedicure and a Splendid Pumpkin Facial that features a Muddy Pumpkin mask.

“It has great benefits to the skin, as well,’’ Hernandez said of the facial.

The Muddy Pumpkin treatments, Hernandez said, are in tune with SiSpa’s mission to allow its hotel guests and club members to unplug from the real world, if only for a couple of hours or a full day.

“We like for you to feel at home,’’ she said. “We don’t have any clocks in the relaxation rooms, so people are really unplugged.’’

Unplug and wrap up. The Great Pumpkin would be proud.


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