Paneterie French Bakery’s is French Brie Sandwich is a “cheese board on the go”

I love cheese boards. If you’ve ever sampled a cheese board, you know why. Stacked high with cheese, fruit, nuts, bread and more with tastes that all perfectly complement one another, there’s a reason that it’s an event and party staple.

But carrying around a cheese board and all its contents can be tough. That’s where Paneterie French Bakery in West Palm Beach comes in. Its French Brie Sandwich is a “cheese board on the go” creation makes it simple for busy people to enjoy these favorite flavors in a handheld sandwich.


The sandwich comes with a fig preserve spread topped with brie slices, walnuts and golden raisins, all laid inside a warm French baguette.

An authentic European neighborhood café and bakery experience, Paneterie French Bakery features high-quality, just-baked goods, and specialty sandwiches and salads can be casually enjoyed. Oven-fresh croissants, breads, and Danishes are baked throughout the day at the store, and specialty items such as macarons, chocolates and finer pastries are made daily in the bakery’s commissary kitchen.

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