The Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples offers guests a sense of place and relaxation

Michelle Kelthy sat outside the entrance to the spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples and smiled.

“A sense of place,’’ she said when asked to describe the experience at the 51,000-square-foot spa.

“We really pride ourselves on being wellness driven,’’ said Kelthy, the Tuscan-themed spa’s director. “We know people will book a hotel based on the spa, so we have unique spa services that we can customize to the guests.’’


Among those treatments is a “Drift to Sleep’’ experience Kelthy said is designed to promote relaxation and sleep while releasing tension.

“It could be people who have been working hard and needs that power nap, maybe someone who is jet-lagged or the mother of a new-born,’’ Kelthy said.

Who can’t use a power nap? The 110-minute experience begins in a three-room suite (the spa has 35 treatment rooms) with a scrub, aromoa therapy and milk bath.

“By that time, (guests) are like butter,’’ Kelthy said. “Your therapist then guides through a calming journey to peacefulness’’ in an Alpha sleep. We also educate our guests on how to continue (the experience) at home.’’

Don’t need the sleep? The spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Naples has steam rooms, saunas and aqua lounges, as well as an outdoor mineral pool.

The spa has a deep menu that includes a Restorative Therapy treatment uses 15 aromatherapy essential oils during a massage that focuses on the back of the body, head, scalp, neck, shoulders, feet and spine; the Gulf Stone massage (my favorite) features warm basalt stones to provide penetrating heat to tired, aching muscles.

Regardless of your choice of treatment or experience, Kelthy said, the most important aspect of a spa visit is “letting go.’’

“When you walk through the doors, subconsciously, your body should say, ‘It’s time to let go,’’’ Kelthy said. “You can hear the music; you can take in the aroma. You are taking your mind, body, soul and spirit for a vacation.’’



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