Leila Restaurant in West Palm Beach offering special three-course dinner menu

Continuing through September, Leila Restaurant patrons may request to order from a special, three-course dinner menu featuring a wide array of mezza, entrée, and dessert choices for just $24.99 per person (including coffee). Leila Restaurant is a cosmopolitan grille featuring authentic, fresh and healthy, regional dishes for lunch and dinner along with traditional Mediterranean specialties like silken hummus and piping hot, crispy falafels.


For appetizers, guests will have the choice of Hummus (Leila’s secret family recipe), a blend of chickpea pate seasoned with garlic, lemon and sesame tahini served with warm pita bread, Falafel, croquettes of ground chickpeas, and Tabouleh, a salad of minced parsley, bulgur, tomato and onion tossed in a fresh lemon dressing.

For those who want something out of their comfort zones, there is the Koosa B’Dibs Ruman (fried slices of zucchini) glazed in garlic and pomegranate sauce and Muhammara, a red roasted pepper and toasted walnut pate with lemon and spices. A sixth light appetizer option is Burack, which are flakey, small pastries stuffed with feta cheese and dry mint.

Seven unique entrée selections include something for everyone, whether vegetarian or carnivore. Guests can choose from: Shish Tawook (chicken breast) or Shish Kebab (beef tips) both grilled in fresh garlic, olive oil and lemon; Lamb or Beef Kefta, each freshly minced and blended with parsley, onion and spices and served on a kebab. Non-meat eaters can choose the the lightly grilled Vegetable Platter or the Fatoush Salad, a mélange of pita chips, tomatoes, onion, radish, cucumber and romaine tossed in lemon dressing.

Desserts include Baklawa – a strudel-like dessert filled with pistachios and lightly sweetened with the essence of flowers – and Sokseh – a sweet chocolate-infused biscuit served cold with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Leila Restaurant also offers belly-dancing entertainment each Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and 9:00 p.m.



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