First Miami Food Entrepreneurs Pitch event at success at The Wynwood Yard

The Wynwood Yard, along with some of Miami’s most visionary developers, investors, bankers and thought leaders and sponsors JPMorgan Chase and Miami Made this past week gave four budding  Miami-based food and beverage startups an opportunity to pitch their ideas at Miami Food Entrepreneurs Pitch event at The Wynwood Yard.


The host committee included  David Martin of Terra Group, Joseph Furst of Goldman Properties, Matt Haggman of The Knight Foundation, Michael Comras of The Comras Company and Nicole Shiman of EDENS.

Four food businesses pitched their ideas to the host committee, as well as to an audience of food and beverage entrepreneurs, real estate developers, finance professionals, and investors gathered at Charcoal Garden Bar + Grill.

The Wynwood Yard founder and CEO Della Heiman invited businesses at three stages of development to apply to the pitch event including: early stage / pre-launch startups with a clear vision and need for capital and/or a space;  successful MVP businesses with a proven concept and in a position to scale; and proven businesses wanting to raise capital or find a strategic location.

Participating businesses included:

  • Le Chick Rotisserie, presented by Coco Coig and Jorge Sanchez – Bringing a concept originally based out of Amsterdam to Wynwood, Sanchez and Coig pitched for last tranche funding of a brick-and-mortar franchise concept where chicken cooked on a spit will take center stage along with other comfort foods and creative cocktails in a trendy, but relaxed, atmosphere.
  • Shnitz n’ Fritz presented by co-owners Alan and Berni Klinger –  A former tenant at The Wynwood Yard presented the panel with a pitch for a brick-and-mortar space to take the Klinger brothers’ Israeli-Argentine spins on schnitzel, along with other tasty Mediterranean-inspired dishes, to the next level. The new space will allow them to develop a menu vertical of lighter menu items.
  • 2KoreanGirls presented by Jennifer Kaminski and Sarah Raw – A business in its early stages offering a healthy, fast casual approach to the time-honored tradition of Korean bibimbap pitched their concept with the goal of connecting with possible funders and/or mentors to help bring their dream to fruition. Nationally regarded chef Allen Susser and Kaminski’s mother, Sunny, an established food entrepreneur, are part of what they term their “dream team.”
  • Admari Tea presented by Adrienne Etkin Nascimento – Admari Tea is a specialty tea boutique and online retailer that sources the finest leaves from all over the world and creates proprietary blends, such as the KickAssam Energy Tea and Admari Tea. Nascimento pitched the host committee on investment for two new brick-and-mortar spaces in two upcoming food halls.

“We accomplished exactly what we set out to do at The Wynwood Yard during our residency there,’’ said Shnitz n Fritz co-founder, Alan Klinger. “We developed and perfected our menu and created and validated a business model which allows us to go into the next phase with a proven concept and the ability to expand with less risk and more opportunity. It’s really exciting to pitch that next phase here to this amazing group of leaders.”

The main purpose of this initiative, Heiman said, was to build connections and match promising food startups with the people who could help them facilitate the next steps of their business, whether that be funding, finding viable business locations or mentorship.



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