Cook it yourself at Gili’s Beach Club lava stone dinners in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla.

Want to know what a South Florida beach dinner really feels (and tastes) like? There’s no better place than Gili’s Beach Club  at Trump International Resort in Sunny Isles Beach. Understand that Gili’s, which serves an outstanding daily lunch menu, is open for dinners on Friday and Saturday nights, but also understand it’s a dinner unlike any other.


Each dinner is an interactive experience featuring Lava Stone Grills whereby guests each choose from a menu of meats, vegetables and seafood, and then grill their own entrees at the table on a 700-degree volcanic lava stone. The backdrop – a stunning stretch of SoFla beach – is as hot as the lava stone.

The concept, said Kurtis Jantz, Executive Chef/F&B Manager at Gili’s Beach Club, “has been really well received,’’ since it began this past February.

“As a chef, I joke that it puts more work on the diners,’’ Jantz said. “But it’s fun and entertaining for all sides.’’

Delicious, too. If it’s not, you can’t blame the chef. But before you get to the stone, you must begin with the guacamole appetizer. If guacamole is not your thing, get the shrimp cocktail with vodka cocktail sauce.

Now you are to move to the entrees. The eight-ounce Prime Filet Mignon is thick, juicy and a “must have’’ for meat lovers. The 10-ounce Churrasco Skirt Steak is another great choice. Prefer fish? There always is the local catch of the day, as well as an eight-ounce lobster tail, shrimp and sea scallops.

You can combine the best of each with surf and turf – with each item cooked sizzling hot on the lava stone.

“A lot of people really go for that combination,’’ Jantz said.

A few words of advice: Keep your hands, face and utensils away from the lava stone while your dinner is cooking. It’s fun to watch, but can be painful to touch. If you have any questions, Gili’s has an excellent staff that can answer anything you need to know about cooking on the stone.

Guests receive complimentary valet parking and are transported via golf cart to the nearby sands of Gili’s Beach Club.

“The next stage for what we want is to implement some appetizers that we can cook on the lava stones,’’ Jantz said. “We started recently with some fish tacos – and we’ve brought in some bigger stones that can be put in the middle of the table so the entire family can cook on it.’’

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