Pig out on Sundays at Jardin in West Palm Beach

Looking for an alternative to Sunday Brunch? Here’s a great one: the Pig Roast at Jardine restaurant on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach. Chefs (and owners) Jordan Lerman and Stephanie Cohen deliver a terrific Sunday meal, with the centerpiece being a whole pig that Lerman watches over from early in the morning until the service begins at 11 am.

Add some watermelon, grilled corn, salad and perhaps the most delicious plantains you’ll ever eat and you have what Lerman calls, “the new version of brunch.’’


The key, of course, is the pig, which Lerman marinates overnight with a juicy mojo.

“Letting it go low and slow,’’ with a natural hardwood, said Lerman, who plans to continue the Sunday Pig Roast at least through the summer.

The Pig Roast is a bit out of the box compared to Jardin’s regular lunch and dinner menus that feature that includes Pork Osso Buco , Oven Roasted Chicken, Duck Wings and Charred Octopus. But at the same time, be it a whole pig or charred octopus, Lerman said, “the ingredients we use and they way they kind of treat the food is the same style we use’’ on the regular menus.

“I know we’ll probably attract a crowd that’s here for (the pig roast) specifically,’’ Lerman said. “But the idea, too, is to attract people who perhaps have never heard of us before.’’


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