Toast The President on election day at 50 Ocean in Delray Beach

If the presidential election has driven you to drink – or if for some reason you want to celebrate victory – head to 50 Ocean on Nov. 8. The Delray Beach restaurant, which features a great menu and views of the Atlantic Ocean, will offer The Patriot cocktail, created by resident mixologist Millie Wilkinson.


Here’s a look at The Patriot

1.5 oz. New Amsterdam Red Berry Vodka

2 muddled fresh strawberries

2 oz. fresh lemon juice

2 oz. fresh lime juice

Splash of Blue Curaçao

Muddle fresh strawberries in a pilsner glass. Set aside. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add all ingredients (except Blue Curaçao). Cover and shake until mixed and chilled (about 30 seconds). Strain into the pilsner glass with muddled strawberries and top with Blue Curaçao. Garnish with a fresh strawberry. Cheers!



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