Meet at the Delano for brunch South Beach style


With its white tower, crisp clean look and design, iconic swimming pool and nightlife, the Delano is the quintessential South Beach hotel. It’s an Art Deco classic (designed by Robert Swartburg) that’s been among South Beach’s more popular hotels for five decades (https://www.morganshotelgroup.com/delano/delano-south-beach).

“Meet you at the Delano’’ is a common phrase for locals and tourists looking for the kind of over the top experiences associated with the SoBe lifestyle. So to go along that those experiences, the Delano’s signature Bianca restaurant offers an over the top Sunday Brunch complete with the hotel’s Alice in Wonderland theme.

Brunch at Bianca at The Delano
Brunch at Bianca at The Delano

After all, guests and locals who visit the Delano are in a “down the rabbit hole’’ kind of locale where fantasy and reality meld like one of the buffet’s ham and cheese omelettes. It’s South Beach at its best.

“We’ve always been known for our Sunday Brunch, but after the New Year we started thinking about ways of revamping it,’’ said Mahmood Abousalem, assistant director of food and beverage at the Delano. “We wanted a ‘Wow’ factor. We wanted it to be over the top.’’

Abousalem and Chef de Cuisine Jason Bamford certainly delivered. They debuted the new Sunday Brunch experience ($85 per person) this past Feb. 7 with such things as an expanded Asian station (great pot stickers and noodles), expanded shellfish and salad stations, a Mediterranean station, Latin station and a meats station that features BBQ ribs, chicken and roasted corn on the cob. Then there are the desserts, the breads and the cheeses.

“The majority of our guests who come for brunch are locals – that’s out target,’’ Abousalem said. “Compared to last year, we’re ahead about 50 covers every week. That’s great for such a short period of time.’’

Indeed. Sunday Brunch at Bianca’s a fairy tale of food that fits the subtle Alice in Wonderland theme that features rabbits and even giant chess board on the lawn between the Bianco’s outside dining area and the Delano pool.

And perhaps the best part is, the Bianca Sunday Brunch isn’t the same each week.

“If we want to retain locals, we have to keep things flowing,’’ Bamford said. “So we rotate things in and out by say, adding a new salad or a new item to the Asian station. That way it gives the people some new things and it gives us more to offer. They come back week after week to try the new items.’’

The people watching isn’t bad, either, as hotel guests and locals waltz past tables and stations on their way to and from the pool and beach – all the beat of a DJ’s music.

“The energy level picks up around 1 p.m.,’’ Abousalem said. “That’s when we really get the vibe going.’’

It’s a vibe that can only be experienced at the Delano.

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